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Mary Musgrove

Mary Musgrove (pictured with her third husband, the Reverend Thomas Bosomworth)

Known as Coosaponakeesa among the Creek Indians, Mary Musgrove served as a cultural liaison between colonial Georgia and her Native American community in the mid-eighteenth century. Musgrove took advantage of her biculturalism to protect Creek interests, maintain peace on the frontier, and expand her business as a trader. As Pocahontas was to the Jamestown colony and Sacagawea was to the Lewis and Clark expedition, so was Musgrove to the burgeoning Georgia colony.

Musgrove left such a mark on our country’s history; we named one of our most popular rooms after her. Much thought goes into naming rooms; every room of our boutique hotel is uniquely named often for a prominent person from Savannah Georgia’s rich cultural history and we can only hope our tribute lives up to her legacy.

We do our best to pay homage to Musgrove in this way and feel privileged to have recently hosted her great, great, great, great grand daughter, Sherri. It was an honor to welcome Sherri to our lovely Savannah as she visited for a friend’s wedding.  Sherri and Jennifer Salandi, owner of the Ballastone, enjoyed chatting over coffee about Mary Musgrove and the invaluable service she provided General Oglethorpe throughout his time in Savannah and the surrounding areas.

Mary Musgrove Guest Room

Mary Musgrove Guest Room

We thank Sherri, for selecting the Ballastone Inn boutique hotel to host her visit and to welcome her again  – and you, too – will be our pleasure!

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