• Victoria Suite

    Victoria Suite

    Queen Victoria would love this suite, king rice carved draped in crimson toile, sitting area complete with all period Victorian antiques

    $365 - $395

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  • Gazebo Suite

    Gazebo Suite

    Exotic in all aspects, English pine king, fabulous period stenciling from 18th century manor house, English pine antiques throughout.

    $365 - $395

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  • China Trade Suite

    China Trade Suite

    Exotic Oriental inspired gorgeous mahogany plantation draped king, surrounded by China trades of yesteryear

    $365 - $395

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  • Scarborough Fair

    Scarborough Fair

    A most handsome king draped with a gorgeous crown, in ships toile reminiscent of ship building days of Savannah

    $335 - $365

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  • Mulberry Tulips
    mulberry room

    Mulberry Tulips

    Very Victorian deep jewel tones, king covered in gorgeous chenille a perfect leather sofa to relax the day

    $335 - $365

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  • Scarlett’s Retreat

    Scarlett’s Retreat

    One of our most romantic suites, queen rice carved draped in toiles and Italian matelasse.

    $315 - $340

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  • Rhett’s Retreat

    Rhett’s Retreat

    Handsome as Rhett Butler himself, queen English twisted canopied in red silk, of course.

    $315 - $340

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  • Palmetto Fan
    palmetto fan room 0

    Palmetto Fan

    Oh so cool green Savannah colors, king rice carved, great comfortable sitting area

    $299 - $316

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  • Oglethorpe State

    Oglethorpe State

    Sophisticated french toile, king rice carved, another great sitting area to spend the day

    $299 - $315

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  • Peach Leather

    Peach Leather

    Queen mahogany rice carved topped with a regency crown in chenille tapestry, cool as an afternoon of peach ice tea!

    $249 - $270

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  • Mary Musgrove

    Mary Musgrove

    View off the back treetops of Wright Square, king maple four posted bed

    $249 - $270

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  • Tea Olive
    tea olive

    Tea Olive

    Sophisticated Southern style, queen lace canopied covered in cream matelasse, your very own chaise to relax the day

    $249 - $270

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  • Sorgum Cane

    Sorgum Cane

    Large courtyard king covered in Italian matelasse, beautiful maple four poster wonderful leather chair with ottoman cozy fireplace.

    $249 - $270

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  • Hannah


    Charming mahogany sleigh bed dressed in cream matelasse great views onto the sumptuous courtyard

    $249 - $270

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  • Savannah


    Twins/King decked out in Italian matelasse, absolute best view of the courtyard

    $219 - $235

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  • Low Country
    low country

    Low Country

    A Ballastone favorite, queen brass bed, Savannah grey brick wall so cozy cozy cozy

    $179 - $199

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All Rooms include a full Gourmet Breakfast, afternoon High Tea, WiFi, and access to our Private Bar.